Building Sand

Uses for Nutfield Dry Screen Soft Sand

Mortar Bricks


Mortar is a workable paste used to bind building blocks such as stones, bricks and concrete masonry units together.

These are the most common products used to build houses, offices and most major construction projects within the UK.

Block of Bricks

Bricks – Clay Based

Building sand has unique properties which enables the production process of forming clay based bricks.

When the sand is added to the local rick making process, it acts as a filler and prevents shrinkage and helps maintain the shape and dimension of bricks when processed through the kiln. It can also be used to produce specific colours when used to coat the brick moulds.

New Tarmac Road


Sand quarried at Nutfield is used as a major constituent in the material used to build many of the roads in the South East and London, as it is the main ingredient in the production of asphalt.

Bunker on Golf Course

Leisure Industry

For the future, there is an opportunity to wash the Nutfield sand with the aim of producing a specialist sand for use in the leisure sector.

When the sand is put through a washing process, the options for this incredibly versatile material increases, as it can be used in many applications such as golf courses for bunkers, equestrian centres for sand schools and gallops etc.

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